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Rejoicing the Emperor Day


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Once again we gather in the great Viking Empire of Stormark to mark His Imperial Majesty, Harald Thorstein I's birthday with Rejoicing the Emperor Day.


And again we have passed through a year which has challenged our nation and its people, while strengthening our Viking Empire.


Under His Imperial Majesty's rule, we have seen a number of nations join our own. And in so doing, we have seen an increase in activity and new citizens from these new members of the Viking Empire.


We have made great strides in building the military of Stormark, as protection against micronational strife, as well as building a greater sense of pomp in the court of Stormark through the efforts of citizens new and long-established. Legislation has continued to be proposed and passed in the Althing, and the work of the Fimmtardomur goes on. We have also acquired a new herald.


Through it all, all the changes and challenges, His Imperial Majesty remains. A symbol of Stormark, a guide through the difficulties and ever making his epithet of "the Generous Giver" ring true.


Harald Thorstein, the Generous Giver, is well deserving of the love and respect of his people, and certainly of the celebrations in honor of him...on this, Rejoicing the Emperor Day!

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