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There are three types of compulsory educational entities. All children between the ages of 5 and 18 are expected to attend full-time. The graduation rate for the High Realm is at 99.94%.

Barneskóli: Primary School for grades 1 - 7 (age 5 - 12)

Grunnskóli: Lower Secondary School for grades 8 - 10 (age 12 - 15)

Framhaldsskóli: Upper Secondary School for grades 11 and 12 (age 16 - 18)

Upon completion of compulsory education, approximately 87% of all citizens will move on to a post-secondary education. The High Realm has two main types of post-secondary schools - the Iðnskóli and the Háskóli.

Iðnskóli: Technical Colleges that provide specialized programs in fields most closely related to engineering, scientific research, and technology. There are approximately 18,000 Technical Colleges in the High Realm. Degrees are granted at the Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD levels. The most common programs at the Iðnskóli are:

Aeronautical Engineering
Applied Mathematics
Applied Physics
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Management
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
Logistics and Supply
Nuclear Engineering
Optical Engineering
Optical Science
Systems Engineering

Háskóli are universities that provide education in a myriad of subjects ranging from Art to Zoology. Some Háskóli are specialized schools like ones for Medicine or Law. There are approximately 3,300 degree-granting 4-year universities. A majority of them (around 90%) include post-graduate and doctoral programs in addition to the basic 4-year (Bachelor's) degrees.

Some Jarldoms are nationally famous for having what we refer to as a "Premier School" - an Iðnskóli or Háskóli which has attained the highest quality and standards in education. The current Premier Schools across the High Realm are:


Vanadís Háskóli - Medical School - Gularike


Svarta Gull Iðnskóli - School of Petroleum Engineering - Rose Cape


Epli Iðnskóli - School of Agriculture - Idunn Isles


Gràdh Oilthigh - School of Social Sciences & Humanities - Sólareyjar


Mardöll Akademi - School of Fine Arts - Freyja's Necklace


Lady Gudrun School of Law - Law School - Haldarsvik


All-Mother Academy - School of Household Economics - Frigga Island

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