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I wonder if there is any information on the island with the town of Narvik on it?


Aside from its nickname being Bloodstone Island and having been a favorite site for smugglers as well as a pirate’s nest for thousands of years Narvik is undeveloped so you pretty much have free reign, within Stormark's general theme, of course.


Here are a post and a topic that might be useful to you with developing Narvik.

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One more thing Narvik is a Traditional District of Hålogarike. It full style and name is the Yeorlskapp of Narvik. A Traditional District is the subdivision level below that of Jarldom and a cultural sub-region with its own unique sense of regional identity. Many Traditional Districts were petty kingdoms before they became a part of Stormark. A high percentage of Stormarkers identify themselves very much by the Traditional District they live in or come from. Yeorlskapp is the style of a Traditional District in most Jarldoms.


A concrete display of the aforementioned habit of identifying themselves by Traditional District can be seen in the many regional costumes, called Bunad, strictly connected to distinct Traditional Districts across the High Realm. Commonly, even city dwellers proudly mark their rural origins by wearing such a costume, from their ancestral landscape, at weddings, visits with members of the Imperial House, and other ceremonial occasions.

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That is indeed correct. That is because the owner of the server on which that wiki was hosted has retired from micronationalism.

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