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Public Transportation in the High Realm

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The High Realm Ferja System (HRFS) is provided by the High King's government in cooperation with the merchant navies of various Jarldoms. The HRFS consists of a fleet of "RoPax" vessels, which allow for the transportation of both individuals, and passenger vehicles. Our RoPax vessels can carry up to 500 passengers, and 350 vehicles, and travel at a top speed of 40mph / 65kph.

Each HRFS vessel will travel between two points (island-to-island, island-to-mainland, mainland-to-mainland); the distance between two points shall be no greater than 300 nautical miles. The longest ferry routes will take approximately 7.5 hours per one-way trip. For travel distances greater than 300 miles (or if one wishes to arrive at their destination in a more timely manner), citizens are expected to use air or (if possible) ground travel.






Each Jarldom has its own system of public transport - utilizing buses, trams, and even public bicycle stations. The cost of public transportation can vary, but in most areas there will be little or no cost to the people. In urban areas, there may be a small charge for usage, unless otherwise offset through taxes and fuel surcharges.






The government of the High Realm also administers a National Railway System (NRS), which controls train travel across greater distances. The cost of train tickets is done very simply, with fees being calculated based on a formula of 1 Króna per ten miles traveled. The trains used by the NRS are Maglev Trains, which can travel at speeds of up to 275 mph, and carry 150 persons in complete comfort. Due to the speed of the Maglev Trains, the NRS is capable of moving a great number of people from one place to another - an estimated 200 million passengers travel via the NRS per month. The routes range from 50 miles upwards of several thousand miles. NRS travel is seen as a greener alternative to flying, and allows for a more luxurious and enjoyable ride.

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