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Emergency Services and Health Care

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Emergency Services are divided into two main units: Fire and Medical.





Fire Services deal with fighting fires and performance of rescue operations. Firefighters provide immediate response to emergency calls and requests for help, attendance to emergency events such as fires, road accidents, floods, bomb incidents, and rescue of trapped people and animals. Firefighters are also charged with the prevention of fires and accidents through education of the public. There are approximately 1.5 million firefighters in the High Realm.






Emergency Medical Services provide ambulances and staff to cope with medical emergencies. Emergency Medical Attendants (EMAs) perform life-saving treatments to individuals in need, in order to sustain them until a hospital can be reached. In addition to EMAs who work on an ambulance crew, there are some who are further certified as Flight Medics, who stay with critically injured patients while they are transported via helicopter to a hospital. There are approximately 300,000 EMAs in the High Realm.





The Ministry of the Interior is charged with providing the best quality of health care to the people of the High Realm. We ensure that there are enough hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, and other specialists to provide the most efficient and cost-responsible medical care.

Each Jarldom has a geographically centralized hospital facility (Regional Hospital) where the most modern and sophisticated treatments may be obtained. In addition to the Regional Hospital, some Jarldoms (based on population) may have smaller hospitals (Community Hospitals), and clinics which provide the people with a quick and easy way to see a medical professional. Regional Hospitals will be equipped with the newest and best equipment possible. The Community Hospitals will always be equipped with an appropriate number of personnel, surgical units and long-term support facilities. Clinics are for normal, non-urgent medical care such as check-ups, well baby visits, or care for minor illnesses and minor injuries.

Physicians and Specialists are doctors who hold a license to practice medicine in the High Realm. Most doctors (around 65%) are general practice physicians, with a smaller number being those who specialize in a specific area.

Nurses are registered medical professionals who assist doctors in the performance of various duties. Their roles vary from record keeping to phlebotomy and surgical assistance.


Below you will find the health care statistics for each Jarldom.



1 Regional Hospital
237 Community Hospitals
382 Clinics
47,750 Doctors
191,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
377 Community Hospitals
604 Clinics
75,500 Doctors
302,000 Nurses

Freyja's Necklace:
1 Regional Hospital
162 Community Hospitals
260 Clinics
32,500 Doctors
130,000 Nurses

Frigga Island:
1 Regional Hospital
131 Community Hospitals
210 Clinics
26,250 Doctors
105,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
474 Community Hospitals
760 Clinics
95,000 Doctors
380,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
612 Community Hospitals
980 Clinics
122,500 Doctors
490,000 Nurses

Gascony and the Ancient Marches:
1 Regional Hospital
71 Community Hospitals
114 Clinics
14,250 Doctors
57,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
8 Community Hospitals
14 Clinics
1,750 Doctors
7,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
964 Community Hospitals
1,544 Clinics
193,000 Doctors
772,000 Nurses

High Queen Asa Isles:
1 Regional Hospital
22 Community Hospitals
36 Clinics
4,500 Doctors
18,000 Nurses

High Queen Hervör Isle:
1 Regional Hospital
39 Community Hospitals
64 Clinics
8,000 Doctors
32,000 Nurses

Humlebæk Island:
1 Regional Hospital
1 Clinic
150 Doctors
500 Nurses

Idunn Isles:
1 Regional Hospital
74 Community Hospitals
120 Clinics
15,000 Doctors
60,000 Nurses

Lady Gudrun Isle:
1 Regional Hospital
14 Community Hospitals
24 Clinics
3,000 Doctors
12,000 Nurses

Longships Islands:
1 Regional Hospital
33 Community Hospitals
54 Clinics
6,750 Doctors
27,000 Nurses

Mysterious Isles:
1 Regional Hospital
6 Community Hospitals
10 Clinics
1,250 Doctors
5,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
203 Community Hospitals
326 Clinics
40,750 Doctors
163,000 Nurses

Old Gaol Isle:
1 Regional Hospital
3 Community Hospitals
6 Clinics
750 Doctors
3,000 Nurses

Old Sea Fortress:
1 Regional Hospital
25 Doctors
100 Nurses

Port Chloe and the Providence Plantations:
1 Regional Hospital
356 Community Hospitals
570 Clinics
71,250 Doctors
285,000 Nurses

Rose Cape:
1 Regional Hospital
79 Community Hospitals
128 Clinics
16,000 Doctors
64,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
352 Community Hospitals
564 Clinics
70,500 Doctors
282,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
17 Community Hospitals
28 Clinics
3,500 Doctors
14,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
747 Community Hospitals
1,196 Clinics
149,500 Doctors
598,000 Nurses

Vaan Aujoen:
1 Regional Hospital
14 Community Hospitals
24 Clinics
3,000 Doctors
12,000 Nurses

1 Regional Hospital
63 Community Hospitals
102 Clinics
12,750 Doctors
51,000 Nurses

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