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Stormark's Communications Infrastructure

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Our nation's many and varied communications have been organized as follows.

Organizational Chart


Job Descriptions / Duties

Chairpersons: Responsible for the overall management of their respective departments. Charged with overseeing all budget plans, human resources, and procurement. Report directly to the Lady Warden of the Inland.


Regional Commissioners: Each Jarldom has a Commissioner who handles day-to-day operations. The Commissioners oversee all aspects of communications for their prescribed area, and work hand in hand with the Chairpersons to ensure proper execution of all mandates.


Executive Directors: Each Jarldom has two Executive Directors; one each for Telecommunications and Media Relations. The Executive Directors divide up the workload, and report to their Commissioners. It is their duty to properly administer the sub-divisions and ensure uninterrupted service.


Directors: Each Jarldom will have five Directors; one each for Telephone, Internet, Two-Way Radio, Radio & Print Media, and Television. The Directors are the ones who work most closely with the staff and the public. They ensure that all services are run smoothly, and that our communications outlets maintain uninterrupted service to the people of Stormark.

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