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Patricianship Form

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Patricianship Form

The Viking Name you would like to assume:


The Jarldom that you would like to be your Jarldom of Residence:


* Jarldoms: The Jarldom of Gularike, The Jarldom of Freyja's Necklace, The Jarldom of Sicilia, The Jarldom of the Sólareyjar, The Duchy of Gascony and the Ancient Marches, The Viceroyalty of the High Queen Asa Isles, The Duchy of Port Chloe and the Providence Plantations, The Duchy of Normandie, The Jarldom of Eidsivarike, The Jarldom of Frostarike, The Jarldom of Borgarrike, The Jarldom of the Haldarsvik Islands, The Duchy of the Vaan Aujoen, The Jarldom of Frigga Island, The Jarldom of the Idunn Isles, The Jarldom of Hålogarike, The Viceroyalty of Vinland, The Jarldom of Old Gaol Isle, The Viceroyalty of High Queen Hervör Isle, The Jarldom of the Longships Islands, The Jarldom of Snæland, The Viceroyalty of the Mysterious Isles, The Jarldom of Humlebæk Island.


The House of the High Realm you would like to join:

* Houses: Vanadís, Nidaros.


Where are you from?


What's your timezone?


How did you find the High Realm of Stormark?


Why would you like to join the High Realm of Stormark?


In what way would you like to contribute to the High Realm of Stormark?

Do you hold citizenship in or allegiance to other micronations?

To which other micronations, if any, have you held allegiance to?

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