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Imperial Decree Nº 4: Further Amendments to Fundamental Laws

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TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom these Presents shall come, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Sangun sends greeting!


WHEREAS we wish to further amend the Fundamental Laws governing our empire;


LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that we, the Taishi Emperor of Sangun, do by these Presents decree that the Fundamental Laws of the Empire of Greater Sangun be amended as follows:


1. Article 29 shall be amended to read:


The monarch is represented in New Sangun by a Viceroy, who is appointed by the monarch and serves at his pleasure.


2. Article 31 shall be amended to read:


The Flag of the Empire of Greater Sangun consists of three white horizontal bars centred vertically upon a black field. The width of the flag is two-thirds of its length and the length of each bar is one-third of the length of the field. The width of each bar and the vertical distance between them is equal to one-tenth of the width of the field.




Given by us on the Eleventh Day of May in the First Year of the Taishi Era,



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