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TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom these Presents shall come, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Greater Sangun sends greeting!


WHEREAS we wish to amend the Fundamental Laws governing our empire;


LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that we, the Taishi Emperor of Sangun, do by these Presents decree that the Fundamental Laws of the Empire of Greater Sangun be amended as follows:


1. Article 7 shall be amended to read:


The monarch is formally titled Emperor of Sangun in the English language and 三郡皇 (Sangunnō) in the Sangunese language, with the qualification of Imperial Majesty in the English language and 陛下 (Heika) in the Sangunese language.


2. Article 30 shall be amended to read:


The State Arms of the Empire of Greater Sangun are blazoned as follows: Sable three Bars couped Argent; the shield ensigned by the Sangunese Imperial Crown and encircled by the Collar of the Order of the Vengeful Ghost and for supporters, on either side a Ghostly Female Figure with long hair covering the face proper crined Sable and habited in loose garments Argent.




Given by us on the Eleventh Day of May in the First Year of the Taishi Era,



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