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Dear visitor


On behalf of the government of the Republic of Flanders I welcome you to the Flemish Embassy in Haraldsborg, Stormark. We hope this embassy will serve both as a meeting point between the great Storish and Flemish people and as a place where Storish citizens and Flemish visitors can get all the relevant information and documentation they need.


Gert Geens

Head of the Embassy

Edited by Gert Geens
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Your Excellency,


Allow me to thank you for the warm welcome!


Permit me also to say that I superabundantly echo the sentiments expressed in your welcome message.

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I know, but getting to that is a little more time consuming than posting the welcome note in order to have at least something here.

A High Priestess wishes to convey that she fully understands His Excellency, naturally expects Flander's Diplomatic Representative to the High Realm of Stormark to take all the time he may require, and looks forward to seeing the result of his work.

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