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Kære Amelda jarle!


It is pleasing to me to understand that you have taken on the reins of government for this island which my father considered his home. My grandmother, Gunvor Torkelsdatter, was born on this island as a princess, daughter of the King Torkel of Humlebæk.


If your ladyship would allow me to take on residency in this island while in Stormark, I would happily assist you in any way you would find needful for the government of the island or the welfare of its people.


My father was a child of this island, I ask with humility for your ladyship to recognize and honour that by allowing me residency here. I have not inherited anything from my father on this island; his will (though in doubt) gave Kaspar Soleiman all that my father owned. I have no claims but that of affection to the people here.


I al kærlighed til folket på Humlebæk og til jarlskabet


Elijah Ayreon

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