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A Lich Cookie And A Glass Of Milk, Please!

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Apologies...I should perhaps explain that the picture shows a lich-cookie. :)


Lich-cookies aren't actually from Sangun; they come from Lichbrook in Shireroth (In the big red country on the continent north of Cibola, you'll see an area marked "Lichshire"- that's where lich-cookies were first made). They are very special cookies given out by the ruler of that duchy (who is a relative of mine) as a sign of favour and are decorated with a picture of a skull, made from icing. Often, they will also have the name of the recipient or a special message written upon them- which is why the cookie has "Valborg" on it..

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O, Hirem, my Hirem, you are two sweet!!! I will always cherish this lich cookie!! How do I best store it so it won't be spoiled? I don't think Im gonna eat it, that would be a waste... but you know..... not getting it mouldy and that!


Lichshire.... I will have to go there. Please, Hirem, tell me of your family!!

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Lich-cookies never go mouldy, Lady Valborg, so they're quite easy to store.


I belong to the von Rossheim family, also called Hesthjem here in Stormark (my current house-name, Nidaros-Riskai, refers to my distant connection to the old royal house of Nidaros). The Rossheimers are a very old family of Saxon origin and are divided into two branches. The senior branch, of which I am the head, rules in Sangun and Riskai and also includes the Duke of Rossheim-Slavonia, Max von Rossheim. Max's wife Marie Dolores, however, belongs to the younger branch of the family, the Rossheim-Maltensteins, who rule Lichbrook and Modania in Shireroth. Marie Dolores' mother, Anthrazita, is the Duchess of Lichbrook and it is from her that I get my lich-cookies.


Our coat of arms is a white horse on a purple shield and the family motto is Belua tibi veniat (The beast will come for you).

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