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[Bill] Treaty of the Inner Sea (Ratification) Bill

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Lady Law Speaker,


We, the High King and Gulajarl, do hereby submit to the Althing this Bill for their consideration as law.



A Bill





Article I.


The Treaty of the Inner Sea in the Schedule to this Act is hereby ratified.


Article II.


This Act may be cited as the Treaty of the Inner Sea (Ratification) Act of Year 11 and shall come into operation immediately after it has received the Imperial Assent.




The Treaty of the Inner Sea




The Empire of Jingdao & South Batavia




The High Realm of Stormark


(Hereafter referred to collectively as 'The Treaty Parties')


Recognising the disputes that have unfortunately arisen from recent events surrounding the Strait of Barbary as disruptive to the region,


Aspiring to see peace and unquestionable stability returned to the Inner Sea and the whole continent of Cibola, and


Realising that only through mutual understanding backed up by diplomatic interaction can this be achieved,


The Treaty Parties hereby agree to the following points and pledge to adhere to the responsibilities it lays down until such time as by mutual consent it is agreed that they need no longer apply, or one of the Treaty Parties is defunct, with a peaceable approach and a spirit of mutual respect.


1. Each Treaty Party recognises the respective rights of the other with regard to the Barbary Strait: in the case of Jingdao & South Batavia, the rights due to the sovereign controller of marine territory, and in the case of Stormark, unfettered access for its own ships and those ships its government shall sponsor for the purposes of tourism, international and internal trade, economic, cultural and infrastructural maintenance and other purposes as reasonably to be derived from these general headings.


2. Stormark recognises the right of Jingdao & South Batavia to expand to the south of its Canton of Barbarije into Cibola and therefore pledges to limit its claims on Cibola in such a way as not to block the other Treaty Party's expansion.


3. Stormark shall found the city of Castellamare del Golfo on the western coast in a claim contiguous to the southern border of Jingdao & South Batavia, as depicted in the First Schedule to this Treaty.


4. Jingdao & South Batavia will allow Stormark to construct, maintain and freely use the Canale di Tancredo d'Adraisio between the cities of Castellamare del Golfo and Cefalù across the territory of the Canton of Barbarije.

Signed for the Empire of Jingdao & South Batavia




Simon ben Erasmus, Hemels Licht van Jingdao


Signed for the High Realm of Stormark




Haraldur Freyjugjöf af Ættingjunum Freyju, Yfirkonungur Stórmerkur




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Memorandum of Explanation


Lady Law Speaker, Fellow Jarls of the High Realm;


The Purpose of this Bill is to ratify the Treaty of the Inner Sea. For the reasons of this Treaty I refer you to the Treaty's preamble.

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Members of the Althing,


Motion for a vote has been made and seconded. I do hereby declare debate and discussion on this Bill closed. Voting may commence now. All members may vote AYE, NAY, DEFER to signify the Bill be returned to debate or ABSTAIN.


Voting will remain open for four days.

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Members of the Althing,


Voting is now closed. This Bill is hereby declared passed by the Althing. The tally is, in accordance with the votes allocated by virtue of Article 7 of the Althing Statute, 5 Ayes, 0 Nays and 0 abstentions. I do hereby submit this Bill to the High King for the Imperial Assent.

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Lady Law Speaker,


We do hereby inform you that We have granted Our Imperial Assent to the Treaty of the Inner Sea (Ratification) Bill and the said Bill has therefore become Law as the Treaty of the Inner Sea (Ratification) Act of Year 11.

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