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MTO Conference on the Laws of the Seas

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A conference has been convened by the Micras Treaty Organization to discuss the recent Batavian regulations in the Strait of Barbary. All MTO members are encouraged to attend. Secondary to resolving the Barbary Straits situation, the conference also hopes to determine standards relating to maritime claims.


As Stormark is directly affected by the Batavian regulations on the Barbary Strait, you have been invited directly and the conference will not begin until a representative from Stormark has arrived. Even though your shipping routes in the area are not disturbed, it is the MTO's desire to establish this treaty for the benefit of all Micras nations to maintain peace and prosperity, as such Stormark's input is invaluable.




Thank you,



Deputy Secretary of the Micras Treaty Organization

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The High Realm of Stormark

Note of Response by the High Justiciar of Stormark


Your Excellency,


How am I pleased with this most gracious invitation from you to the MTO Conference on the Laws of the Seas!


Pray be adviced that for the maintenance of peace and prosperity our country fully trusts in the infinite indulgence of its Sacred Queens, the Ladies Divine Frigga, Freyja and Idunn, and more mundanely in returning any declarations of war to sender in the form of confetti and kindly advising such warmongering trolls to take their boredom elsewhere.


Permit me to say that in spite of the aforesaid the High Council of the Realm has deemed that the MTO Conference on the Laws of the Seas might be an interesting occurrence and very much is inclined to dispatch an emissary to the conference aforementioned.


Pray be adviced, Your Excellency, that you may return to the MTO's conference quarters and await the very certain arrival of the Storish envoy.



Yours Truly,


Unna of Skálavík of the House of Vanadís,

Bloodroyal and Jarla of Freyja's Necklace,

Royal Chieftainess of Skálavík,

High Justiciar of Stormark.

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