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Short article in "The Elirian"

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Short article from today's The Elirian, a tabloid in Elwynn.


Prince Daniel resigns Storish jarldom


HARALDSBORG -- Prince Daniel, having issued a decree of regency, has also resigned from the position as Jarl of Humlebæk Island, a small, obscure island off Cibola in Stormark's possession.


The island had local elections two weeks ago. According to the Humlebæk Island Electoral Commission, the Communist Party received some 35% of the votes, a plurality in six out of nine legislature seats. Having secured a majority in the legislature, the first move of the Communist majority was to motion for a vote of no confidence in Prince Daniel, the sitting jarl. Although legally non-binding, Daniel resigned.


It is expected that Prince Daniel will leave the Island for some time and focus on more cultural works, in the Union, in Babkha and in Stormark.


For Humlebæk Island, commentators have suggested that the Imperial Government in Haraldsborg may, following the ousting of the jarl, impose direct rule on the Island.

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