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Arrivals for Wedding of Storjarla Æsileif and King Arkadius III

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The Nohsi of the Republic, the avatar of the ballots, arrives at the grove with his retinue after a long voyage. He is announced at the central marquee and presents himself to the company.


"Your Excellency, it is a delight to welcome you to the wedding. How was your voyage? My I also thank you for your kind words."

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I thank you, m'lady. The voyage was pleasurable, although I am severely jetlagged, as you can appreciate! I have, thankfully, managed to refresh myself before arriving here! These are my escorts * gestures towards two Ruzhin palace guards and a gaggle of diplomats and advisors *. I must say, your other guests and your good self look especially radiant today - I can only boast the sash of my office and silk tie! In any case, I trust all have arrived now?

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