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Traditional Districts of Hålogarike

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In accordance with Hålogarike's quite unruly pre-Storish pacification past, I would like to propose the following Traditional Districts.

  • Black Country;
  • Disputed Lands;
  • Reaver Reaches;
  • Bloodstone Island;
  • Bitter Beaches;
  • Quarrel Coast;
  • Boneways;
  • Beserkers' Barrows;
  • Vale of Skulls;
  • Shadow Marches.
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Doesn't sound too nice... besides, those names sound more like nicknames than actual geographic places.


Those names are, of course, very unfluffy, very much in accordance with Hålogarike's theme and refer to situations and events from the Crimson Jarldom's unruly and bloody past.

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Yes, I understand that, Majesty, but who named them?


If they were native names, then surely they wouldn't use such divisive names?


Jarl Daniel,


The names were chosen by the chieftains, pirate kings, and robber lords that survived the Conquest of Hålogarike at the event known as the Submission of Hålogarike.

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