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Coat of Arms of Hålogarike

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That's certainly possible, although I would suggest having the skull above rather than on the crossed-axes (as with a traditional skull and crossbones): Gules, a Skull above two Battleaxes saltirewise Or.


That would look good too. :)


But why the piratical theme for Halgorike?


As I understood Hålogarike, known as Hålogaland before it became a part of Stormark, used to be quite a den of vice counting loads of pirates, reavers and warlords among its population.


Pirates from Hålogaland played an important role in the Old Tale. For example, High King Harald, at that that time known as Jarl Harald, paid pirates from Hålogaland to harrass the coastal areas of lands in the north of the Heartland controlled by his archnemesis Ivar the Impaler. Later after his coronation as High King of Stormark, he conquered Hålogaland, which was subsequently renamed Hålogarike, to put an end to pirate raids and eliminate the threat of an invasion by former Heartland petty kings and tribal chiefs as well as other malcontents.

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