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The Strength of Tromsø [Wayward Hall]

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Wayward Hall

The Strength of Tromsø

Wayward Hall, also known as The Strength of Tromsø, is located in the city of Tromsø. It is the official residence of the Jarl of Hålogarike, and the seat of local government. It is also the correct metonym for the local government of Hålogarike. Wayward Hall was initially constructed as a castle to defend the city of Tromso. Initially it was a small keep of angular design. A large wooden hall was build next to it and served as the Throne Room and center of government. The structure has expanded dramatically over the centuries - the old Throne Hall was demolished to make way for a dramatic expansion. The Jarl moved into the new bigger structure after the completion of the Apartments. As power centralized around the Jarl, the local government soon moved into the structure as well. Certain parts of the fortification had to be refitted and rebuilt to allow the local government to set up its headquarters.

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Majesty - as always, we endeavor to create a punitive yet corrective environment for those who break the law. Because of our reputation and commitment to excellence in this department, we routinely engage in training exercises on the proper handling of our prisoners as well as regular inspections of our dungeons corrective detention facilities. ;)

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