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Happy New Year!!

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While in Vinland and the Vaan Aujoen, the new year begins with the day getting longer and longer, day by day, until midsummer, in my jarldom (Humlebæk) and in Freyja's Necklace, we begin the year in full light, waiting for darkness to come :)


Interesting how the new year begins in parts of this country! :D



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That would depend on where the date line goes. I don't think there is an internationally defined one. I just assumed that when Monday begins in the Sólareyjar, Sunday begins in Frigga Island. My date line would go at 180 degrees E/W (just west of Frigga Island, High Queen Hervör Isle, Batavian Benacia and Snaeland, and east of Nova Batavia and the Sólareyjar).


So I would assume that when when you eat lunch in Haraldsborg, I would just have woken up the same date.


It is confusing, since time is astronomical, but the Sunday/Monday distinction is legal.

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