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According to tradition, the city of Tromsø is the capital of Hålogarike. Nothing stops you from having the institutions of government in some other place in Hålogarike, or shared between the principal cities of the jarldom: Bjarkøy, Bodøgård, Hjattfelldal, Kvæfjord, Narvik, Steigen, Svovær andTromsø.


Of these cities, all but Narvik are on the Apollonian mainland (Narvik is on a currently unnamed island). Of all the cities, only Hjattfelldal and Svovær are inland cities. The others have access to the sea.


So first you'd have to decide which city (or which place in the jarldom closest to which city) that your principal residence should be. And then we'll have to see if there are any vacancies in existing property. Else you'll have to build a residence (provided you get planning permission, but you're the jarl, soit shouldn't be difficult!) :D

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I'm currently shopping for a residence that would match my status as Jarl, while remaining decently modest... any suggestions?


What about Wayward Hall in the city of Tromsø also known as the Strength of Tromsø? That is the former seat of the Wayward Watch, an elite fighting force from the days of the Old Tale that was defeated by my army of hirdmen during the Conquest of the Heartland. Wayward Hall has a reputation, both from its history and its appearance, as one of the most sinister and atmospheric halls in Stormark.

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Are there visual representations of this place already or am I allowed to go ahead and find something?


I just wanna go along with whatever's already established and build from there. :)


No, there indeed are no visual representations of Wayward Hall so you can go ahead and find something fitting. :)

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