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[Idea] How to write addresses in Stormark

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Postal system:


When one writes addresses in Stormark to an address in Stormark, use the following format:


[Addressee name or title]

([Addressee line two])

[street/identifier] [extra identifier e.g. number]


[Postal abbreviation]-[postal number]


Also, due to the myriad of different languages, spellings of localities, etc, please use standard spelling of locality names and English for everything else. So Haithabu is preferred over the local Hedeby or the dialectal Heiðabýr.


For example, for Stina Arvidsdotter, living in Haithabu:


Ms Stina Arvidsdotter

Lango Street 67




For Imperial Government offices, use the goverment postal abbreviation, as in:


Lady Unna of Skálavik

Hall of Freyr





The postal number isn't really necessary for the postman or the one delivering the post to your door. It is for automatic processing so that post can be delivered quicker to the addressee.


If you're unsure of the postal number, use the following format:


Ms Stina Arvidsdotter

Lango Street 67


Eidsivarike (or if possible, smaller district)


For Government offices:


Lady Unna of Skálavík

Hall of Freyr





Please note that there may be a number of localities in Stormark sharing the same name. That's why the jarldom should be used. However, some localities in the same jarldom may share the same name, please include district of you know or other other geographical identifier:


Gwll ab Owain

Caron Farm


Goidelia, Sólareyjar


Machine-readable address:


Gwll ab Owain

Caron Farm




Some exceptions to this rule is for post to Hurmu Lake District, Riskai, Sangun and Old Sea Fortress:


(Only use this method for post that is sent and delivered by Stormark Postal Services and that local postal authorities not be employed)


(Note that for all these, postal abbreviations, wherever the locality or address are XXX-1234-56. Please use this to be assured of fast delivery, country names are also acceptable but less quick)


Hurmu Lake District:


University of Kaupang

Haldarsvik House 90






Johannes Karlesson

Androi Park 78






Ôe Kenzaburô

Hitoshi Street




Old Sea Fortress


Other abbreviations used here are "IPC" (In private capacity), "IAC" (In agency capacity, for anything else than private post)


Lieutenant Eirik Gurrason





For Old Sea Fortress non-standard ways of writing addresses are also acceptable:


Lieutenant Eirik Gurrason, IAC



Please note that any post going to and from Old Sea Fortress is actually posted via Haraldsborg High Command and screened for illegal content.



Postal abbreviations for jarldoms:


BOR --- Borgarrike

EID --- Eidsivarike

FRY --- Freyja's Necklace

FGA --- Frigga Island

FSR --- Frostarike

GUL --- Gularike

GAS --- Gascony

HDR --- Haldarsvik

HLG --- Hålogarike

ASA --- High Queen Asa Isles

HRV --- High Queen Hervör Isle

HMB --- Humlebæk Island

IDN --- Idunn Isles

GUN --- Lady Gudrun Isle

LON --- Longships Islands

MYS --- Mysterious Isles

NRM --- Normandie

GAO --- Old Gaol Isle

OSF --- Old Sea Fortress

CHL --- Port Chloe and PP

ROS --- Rose Cape

SIC --- Sicilia

SNL --- Snæland

SOL --- Sólareyjar

VAA --- Vaan Aujoen

VIN --- Vinland


Postal abbreviations to the capital and its institutions


HAR --- Haraldsborg

VDH --- Vanadísarhall


Postal abbreviations to associated territories


RIS --- Riskai

SAN --- Sangun


Other postal abbreviations


HUR --- Lake District (Hurmu)

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This is a good idea. :)


But if the Storish postal service wishes to extend the system of postal abbreviations to Sangun and Riskai, then it should use the following district codes:


RIS --- Ritsugun/Riskai

HON --- Hongun

SHN --- Shingun

MON --- Mongun


Use of these district codes would ensure that post is sent directly to a sorting office in the appropriate district capital, whereas any post labelled "SAN" or "Sangun" would almost certainly be routed via Kokubu, possibly resulting in significant delay.

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