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[Bill] Patricians Bill

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Lady Law Speaker,


Now come I, Daniel Goodheart of Nidaros-Volsdame, to propose the following bill for the consideration of the Althing.





A bill.




Section 1

The Patricians of the High Realm are those on whose names are written on the attatched list ("the list") in Schedule 1.


Section 2

Subject to the conditions in this Act the following shall govern the list:


a. Whenever a Patrician ceases to be a Patrician, his or her name shall be removed from the list, and;


b. Whenever a foreigner or stateless person is naturalized in accordance with law, his or her name shall be added to the list.


Section 3

The Warden of the Inland or, in the vice of said Warden, the High Council of the Realm shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the list, provided that he or she may not arbitrarily use this power. The list shall also be updated whenever a Patrician changes name or house.


Section 4

The High Council of the Realm has the power to enforce this Act.



Section 5

This Act, which may be cited as the Patricians Act of Year 10, comes into force upon the High King's assent.




List of Patricians of the High Realm

(in alphabetical order)


Legal name - (house)


Aoife the Celt (Ettlingar Freyu)

Astrid Sólareyjarsdóttir (Vanadís)

Bjarngeir Thorkellson (Nidaros-Volsdame)

Daniel Goodheart (Nidaros-Volsdame)

Galinn Karisson (Leirvik)

Harald Freyjugjöf the Generous Giver (Ettlingar Freyu)

Ragnar Brunnketilsson (Nidaros-Volsdame)

Sadamara Aptrgangr (Hesthjem)

Sigrdrífa the Priestess (Vanadís)

Sigrid Magnusdottir the Brave (Ettlingar Freyu)

Unna of Skálavík (Vanadís)

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Lady Law Speaker,


Given that it is difficult to keep good books on the patricianship of the high realm (we don't really know who is a Patrician and not), I made some research. I went back one year to find all census records and then balanced the records to those who were active Patricians and to those who have ceased to be Patricians (for various reasons, some tragic). The bill includes the list of all those who, in my opinion, should be Patricians of Stormark. Of course, this is a bill and I will consider any and all amendments. Thank you.

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Members of the Althing,


Motion for a vote has been made and seconded. I do hereby declare debate and discussion on this Bill closed. Voting may commence now. All members may vote AYE, NAY, DEFER to signify the Bill be returned to debate or ABSTAIN.


Voting will remain open for four days.

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Members of the Althing,


Voting is now closed. This Bill is hereby declared passed by the Althing. The tally is, in accordance with the votes allocated by virtue of Article 7 of the Althing Statute, 9 Ayes, 0 Nays and 0 abstentions.I do hereby submit this Bill to the High King for the Imperial Assent.

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