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Charter: The Oslette Foundation

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I, Daniel, Blood-royal and Dragon-jarl of Humlebæk Island, and being of the House of Nidaros-Volsdame, Lord of this Island and of the Islander Jarls, heir to Tårbæk, do hereby send my greetings to all and sundry to whom these presents may and shall come!


Know ye that the following CHARTER OF THE OSLETTE FOUNDATION is hereby issued by my hand, acting under the Udall Law of the Island of the Realm of which it forms part:


I. Establishment.


Hereby the Oslette Foundation is established.


II. Objectives.


The objectives of the Oslette Foundation include:

  • educating the people of Nidaros, the Nidarosar diaspora and all interested people on the history, culture and law of the former states of Nidaros;
  • maintaining and protecting the properties, estates and other possessions that the Foundation has;
  • lobbying and influencing all such individuals in power to guard and protect the history and culture of Nidaros;
  • codifying important parts of the former and/or current Udall Law of Nidaros; and
  • making sure that Nidaros never will be forgotten!



III. Membership.


Membership in the Oslette Foundation is open to all such individuals wishing to abide by this Charter and support its objectives and who is a former citizen, a former member of the Folketing or descendant of a (former) citizen or a (former) member of the Folketing of Nidaros when ruled by Queen Astrid and Kings Audon and Karl-Gustav.


A request for membership in the Oslette Foundation shall be addressed to the President of the Foundation and the admission of the new member into the Oslette Foundation is effected by a decision of the President of the Foundation.


Membership may be denied by the President of the Foundation if he or she is satisfied that the request for membership of the Oslette Foundation lacks evidence demonstrating that a membership creterium under this Article has not been met. The individual who is denied membership may at any time return to the President of the Foundation with an updated request for membership whenever new evidence has come to light.


A member of the Oslette Foundation who has persistently violated the Charter and the objectives contained in the Charter may be expelled from membership by a vote of three fourths’ majority of the Foundation Assembly.


IV. Organs.


There are established as principal organs of the Oslette Foundation: a President of the Foundation and a Foundation Assembly.


V. President.


The first President of the Foundation is Daniel Goodheart of Nidaros-Volsdame. Subsequent presidents shall be elected, when the post of the President of the Foundation is vacant, by a vote of majority of the Foundation Assembly.


The President acts as spokesperson of the Foundation, the objectives of the Foundation, and the decisions made by the Foundation Assembly.


VI. Assembly.


Each member of the Oslette Foundation, including its president, has one vote and one vote only at meetings of the Foundation Assembly.


The powers of the Foundation Assembly include:

  • Electing and removing the President of the Foundation,
  • Defining the tasks and role of the President of the Foundation,
  • Updating the Objectives of the Oslette Foundation when so deemed needed,
  • Issuing Foundation Bylaws deriving their validity from the Charter, and
  • Amending the Charter by a vote of three fourths’ majority.


VII. Applicability of Laws.


This Charter shall be governed by the laws in force on Humlebæk Island. Any legal disagreement arising from the implementation of the Charter shall be tried, when possible and needed, in the Island’s Law Court providing, however, that any legal disagreement arising from the issuance of the Charter shall, as the High Law so stipulates, be tried in the Gulathing (in Haraldsborg, Gularike).



Done at Tårbæk in Humlebæk, this twentieth day of Glitnir of the tenth year of the second Viking age.

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My dear Krónjarla!


How I wanted to someone to ask that question!


You see, m'lady, that Oslette is a title, although bearing no legal weight, that is part of my family on my father's side. You could see the name of Oslette for this foudnation in honouring my father's work in Nidaros. For nostalgic reasons I chose this name. You see, before being made heir-apparent of Nidaros, my father, conqueror and liberator of Nidaros, he himself then known as the Prince Andelarion, was by His Majesty the King of Nidaros (Karl Gustav), on 27 January 2007, awarded the landed peerage of Oslette, a dukedom within Nidaros.


I hope that this answers my lady's question :)

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