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I thought I'd share you with this article from the Nye Tiden newspaper, published today in Humlebæk on 18 Glitnir:


IDUNNERGAB --- For the first time in 40 years has the island been visited by a penguin. This penguin, regal and elegant in all its form, was found at the grasslands of Idunnergab, and was named after another regal and elegant character, Harald.


It is unknown when Harald the Penguin actually reached the island and for what reasons this penguin did so. Although named Harald and termed "he" in the press, the sex of the penguin is also unknown. The island's wildlife organization Vildelivets Vagt (VV), has urged islanders not to approach the penguin, fearing that human activity may scare the animal away from the island. VV is hoping that with Harald's arrival to the island, the once large penguin colony of Idunnergab will return.


Islanders have hailed this historical visit from Harald and penguin mascots have begun to be sold at local shops around Town. Bjørn Alverssøn i Hovshave, member of Lagthinget, has introduced projected legislation to place penguins and other marine animals on the island under protection. In the next session of Lagthinget, the Hovshave motion will be debated. The jarl has indicated his support of this measure when he visited the Kelde School for the Young in northern parts of Town. At the same time, the school's children drew the jarl many pictures of penguins.


Johanne Alexandersdatter

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Unna! Don't even mention that concept here! Last time that concept was uttered before a member of this House, war began!


Count your blessings! That would an excellent way backed by the might of the Storish army and navy to get rid of the opposition! ;)

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