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Map of Humlebæk Island


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Indeed, the legislative council (Lagthinget) and I have together commissioned a map of the island. It is, however, difficult to chart the island. The roads once connecting the villages with one and another and with the capital have fallen to decay. There is so much to be done. Most traffic between villages and Humlebaek is maintained through shipping or air, the latter generally in the form of helicopters, though lighter-than-air aircraft have begun being used due to their capability oftaking on mroe lifting than a normal helicopter.

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Thank you, Unna jarla,


As this island has been under Storish military administration, forcing out piracy and lawnessless from the island and its coasts, Humlebæk Island is deeply indebted to the government in Haraldsborg. However, most of the rebuilding efforts of private property and most of the island capital have been financed privately through the Humlebæk Society, through insurances granted the Society and its members, and through commercial ventures from across Stormark. Also, as most of the island is considered a wildlife refuge since the desertation of the island, scientists and researchers have flocked here, also bringing with them much-needed capital.


However, we still lack basic infrastructure between villages and further out from the farms just outside Humlebæk City, to the rest of the island's villages and settlements, frocing many communities outside the city to be considered isolated.


As I am also the elected prince of Elwynn, Amokolia and Hurmu, the heriditary head of the Babkhan emirate of Sathrati, money and investments have come also from companies and organizations in Elwynn, Amokolia, Hurmu and Babkha. For example, Tårbæk Palace was renovated through a design by Elwynn's greatest architect firm, based in Eliria.

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