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Population Size of Humlebæk Island

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For the size of the island, the population is small (but that has always been the case). Most of the population is centred in the main city bearing the island's name. Others live in farming villages just outside that city, and some in fishing or sheepherding villages around the coast.


The island does not allow for a great population. Good soil for farming is scarce, for example, and, as history has shown, fishing grounds around the island have still not recovered. I am contemplating instituting a temporary moratorium on fishing, allowing the fishes of the island's seas to recover better.


There has so far been no census here, but I would believe that the island houses some sixty-thousand people.

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I believe that Humlebaek is a special case, m'lady, as the royal goverment of Humlebaek negotiated away the 200 nm EEZ. Nevertheless, if we could make a teraty on behalf of Humlebaek's people with the neighbouring states, things would be very much fine,.

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