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Thank you sir, it looks much better now.


Well, Kristine is the Humlebaekker form of "Christine". Just as Peter is traditionally Peder in Swedish, Pierre in French, Petros in Greek, etc, the spelling of Christine is in Humlebaek Kristine.


Torkel's wife was born Christine Goodheart in Aniara while in Humlebaek she was known as Kristine and in her later years, colloquially, as Kristine den Gode (Christine the Good).

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From the Humlebæk Island page:



Hearing of Kristine's imprisonment and Gunvør's exile, the Communist Party's general congress called for a revolution, "in the name of the people, by the people, and for the people". Humlebæk Island's government had to be taken by force. If not, they reasoned, the people would die from starvation.

On the king’s birthday, the 18th of Thrymheim, the Communists began their armed campaign against Torkel. They faced little opposition. Even the palace guards, they being impoverished and suffering from malnutrition, did not shoot a single shot from their guns as the Communists began assaulting the palace. It took six hours before the entire palace had been put under Communist command. Though, no one had seen King Torkel and no one had seen Kristine.

Disgusted by all luxory in the palace, Communist began looting and destroying much of the palace. Within days, most of its artifacts and libraries were destroyed.

Torkel, still king, had, after the communist congress’s decision, had fled to a small sheepfarm in the south of the island, known as Gårehus. When local communists from the nearby village of Denje, after having headed for Gårehus to buy some sheep, found the king there indulging in luxorious foods, kilo after kilo (he was a fat man), they burnt Gårehus down and massacred all those living and working there. Only the sheep survived.

Three days later, Queen Kristine was found dead. No one knows when she died or for what causes. The people, after hearing this, entered a period of grief.


From the Rulers of Humlebæk Island page:



King Torkel

Torkel Carlos Birgerssøn was born in the midst of happiness into a loving family. His mother, however, succumbed to sepsis within ten days of his birth. Torkel and his mother, Rebekka, spent their ten days in the same room, never leaving it, hour by hour, minute by minute. She spoke with him althrough this time, referring him in her diary affectionately as Carlito, a name that would be stuck with his family, the press and the local population for a long time. Aged only 15, Carlito fell in love with a noblewoman from New Britannia, Christine Goodheart (belonging to the line of Aniara), after meeting her at boarding school in Shirekeep. They married three years later in the Multitemple in Shirekeep and upon hearing the death of King Birger, they both left Shirekeep and their education, went to Humlebæk where they were hailed. Torkel and Christine received a coronation only three weeks later, the first regents of Humlebæk to do so. They had only one child, Gunvør Elizabeth, who was later exiled.

Six years later, Humlebæk Island was hit by the greatest and deadliest earthquake in its modern history. Eighteen hundred people died during the main quake and its aftershocks. But it was the tsunami, three days later, that came to define Torkel's reign. The tsunami wiped away most farmlands. After steady food shortages, the Communist Party had him killed two years later when his wife was found dead in the cellar of Tårbæk Palace.

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