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His Most Imperial and Most Royal Majesty's Address to the High Realm

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Well-Beloved Citizens and Friends,


Is it getting a bit old?


Is it getting a bit old, My Dearly Beloved Citizens and Friends, that I, at the occasion of this most joyeus Transformation Day, congratulate you all once again on the most excellent state of affairs of the High Realm?


Is it getting a bit old that I, at this most ancient and wonderful Udal Law celebration day, thank you all once again for the fruits of the hard work you did in the past year which make the National table groan beneath the weight of abundance?


To me, My Dearly Beloved Citizens and Friends, it will not ever get old to thank you for all the work you did. It will not ever get old to congratulate you on the amazing state it brought the High Realm in. So I will keep thanking you, congratulating you and wishing you the best, and I look forward to the many good things that your continued efforts will bring this country in the future.


May the Lords and Ladies Divine hear my heartfelt invocations in favour of the great people of Stormark and their friends from many nations.


May Freyja lead you to love ever after.

May Odin show you the way to wisdom.

May Thor defend you from foes who may come.


May Freyr bring frith and plenty to your homestead.

May He bestow you with bounties of bread.

May Frigga keep the fires hot in your hearths.

May She keep your families from splitting apart.


May Heimdall watch over your holy fanes.

May His admonitions for you never wane.

May Bragi delight you with poems and prose.

May his repertoire of songs never close.


May Ull guide your bowshots with precision.

May Tyr's justice keep you from derision.

May Idunn keep your looks fresh and youthful.

May Nerthus make your lands green and fruitful.


May the the Lords and Ladies Divine bear these blessings to you, my Citizens and friends

And to those with whom I would make amends.

May much health and happiness fill your lives

And may you earn that for which you strive.


Happy Transformation Day to all!!


Hail Stormark!! Vikings rule the waves!!


Harald Thorstein the Generous Giver,

High King of Stormark.

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