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Mandate of Heaven


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The Mandate of Heaven is a popular thing for rulers of Empires and Kingdoms. It separates the Chosen Ones from the simple and lesser kings and nobility. Not many had the honour of being part of a royal line which is chosen by Cato to rule a country and let it flourish. The Batavian Catologians already use the concept for ages to refer to their kings and queens. Even during the Batavian Republic (1733 - 1743) the republican rulers wanted to legitimize their reign by using the Mandate of Heaven. Luckily for the Monarchy and the Royalists, the Gods and the Church disagreed with the republicans, which gave a terrible blow to the popularity among the citizenry (that while the republican government already became hated because of its use of violence and the murder of the former King). Needless to say, the Mandate of Heaven was and still is an important thing for many Catologians.


The Archbishop is happy to announce that Cato is also favouring the Stormarkian royal line and that it can proudly announce that the High King has the support of the Gods.



CATO HAS SPOKEN, HIS WORD IS LAW! May Stormark be blessed in eternity!

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Has a Batavian king ever lost the Mandate of Heaven?


There are still debates about that: some believe that King Leopold II lost his Mandate because of inappropriate offers at the temples at that time (the nation was suffering under Gascon invasions, unrest,...). It would explain why he lost his throne at the end, but the Church has always contradicted that theory and say that the Gods support the monarchy in the long term and that the Batavian Republic that followed was a necessity to show the people that they had to unite and fight against those who endanger the Royal institution. And indeed, it worked better then when you simply suppress republican revolts: the next 200 years republicanism became very unpopular (it's still not very popular and doesn't have many followers).


But we know that Alfons I was helped by the Gods. The God Regius for example sent a lion who helped fighting against Alfons' enemies. That way he succeeded in uniting the Batavian lands.

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