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Sad News from Batavia


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Dear people of Stormark,


I bring you the sad news that our beloved King, His Majesty Arkadius II des Vinandy, King of Batavia, Duke of Gascony, Count of Vinandy, etc. etc, his wife Her Majesty Charlotte des Vinandy de Bourbon, Queen of Batavia, Duchess of Gascony, Countess of Bourbon, Countess of Vinandy, Lady in the Order of St. Jeanne d'Arc and their son His Highness Antonius des Vinandy, Crown Prince of Batavia, Prince of Austrasia have died in a plane crash over the Great Western Sea this afternoon at 13:05 hours (Batavian Time, CET, UTC+1), while they were on their way to the Batavian Antilles. The Royal Batavian Government has announced that there will be three days of mourning in the entire Kingdom.


In the mean time Regent Jeroen van Veen will take over the duties that our beloved King can't take anymore.


Batavian Law states that the next to be our head of state is noone less than Her Most Imperial and Royal Highness the Viking Princess of Stormark, Fränzi-Ferdinanda des Vinandy.


(Oh yeah, please notice that this is not an official message from the government, just me telling you.)


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I've seen your message. I'm sorry to hear you'll not accept the Batavian throne, but on the other hand I'm not really surprised by your decision. I do certainly understand your position ;)


Thank you for being so understanding. ;)

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