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[Forum] New Banner

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I would like the forum banner to be a kind of collage of images of Viking scenes like in the banner of the website of the Viking Answer Lady.


The size of the forum banner must be: 1235 x 101


The text of the forum banner must be:


The High Realm of Stormark


A Viking Nation


I would also like the following images to be included in the forum banner:


The Longship, as symbol of Vikingness;


The Norse goddess Freyja for being instrumental in the foundation of Stormark. (I, however, would like you to remove the sandbrown background.); and


Stormark's Coat of Arms.








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Has the summer holiday already commenced for you?


Yes, My Lady, it already has. That's, together with the beautiful weather, one of the reasons I'm not very active. But I have found some time do some work, I hope you all find it a bit good:





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