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Imperial Chancellor's Address to the Empire

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Your Most Imperial Majesties, Your Most Imperial Highness, Fellow Countrymen:


It is with great pride and with deep humility that I address my fellow citizens on this Lindisfarne Day. Of Stormark’s existence, we have much to be thankful for. Through struggle and determination, we have entered the ninth year of the Viking Age. We exist with our institutions intact, with our citizens as loyal and active as ever, and with our great Emperor Harald at the helm of the ship of state. We have shown what a few Norse rascals can do with a little grit and a little optimism.


As we enter this ninth year of the Viking Age, we now look to newer horizons. We have embarked upon the quest to transform the Empire into a true Viking nation. We are reforming our laws, creating a constitution, transforming our institutions into those which our ancestors would recognize with Viking pride. It is not a transformation which is without shock. Even I was taken aback by the names that will change, and the new system of administration which will take hold. Yet, I am now more convinced than ever of the rightness of this course. We are on the threshold of realizing what Stormark was meant to be, the embodiment of the culture, the laws, and the spirit of the Norse peoples. Names may change, laws may change, but Stormark is as it always was: our home, our nation, our masterpiece.


Let us march forth proud in the heritage that we seek to uphold. I call upon all citizens of Stormark to join in this endeavor, to become active, to give their all to see that Stormark becomes a pinnacle of Viking-ness, and not only this, but a pinnacle of what micronationalism is about. We do not claim lands; we do not claim authority; we do no claim sovereign nationality; we claim the right to express ourselves as a group of individuals who are united in a spirit of community, in the spirit the history and culture of the Norse, in the spirit of justice, order, and opportunity to all who participate in micronationalism. Let Stormark forever remain a symbol of what intelligence, kindness, and determination can. Let us go forth from this day to make Stormark a greater nation, a stronger nation, and better nation for ourselves, for Micras, and for generations to come.


Long Live the Emperor! Long Live the Stormarkian People! Long Live Stormark!

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