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[Bill] Small Treaty of Non-Aggression

Björn Ironfist

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Lady Law Speaker,


I humbly submit the following to the Althing:




Article 1

The Althing hereby ratifies the Small Treaty of Non-Aggression Treaty as produced in Schedule 1 to this Act.


Article 2

This Act may be cited as the Small Treaty of Non-Aggression (Ratification) Act of Year 8 and will be effective upon Imperial Assent.


Schedule 1


Small Treaty of Non-Aggression


1. Any nation who has signed the General Membership Treaty of the Small Commonwealth may sign this treaty at any time, provided they are not currently in a state of open conflict with any current signatory.


2. All signatory nations shall not engage in any hostile or aggressive action toward any other signatory nation.


3. If there is a dispute between signatory nations they will bring it before an agreed upon neutral third party for arbitration. If no third party can be agreed upon the matter shall be arbitrated by the General Assembly.


4. This treaty does not include Recreational Wars that are considered friendly by the nations involved at the initiation of the recreational war.


5. Upon giving notice, any signatory nation may exit this treaty.


6. This treaty may be amended by a 3/4ths majority of signatory nations.


On behalf of the Viking Empire of Stormark:


Harald Torsten I den Givmilde, genom Vikingalagarnas Nåd Evig och Enväldig Vikingakejsare av Vikingakejsardömet Stormark, och genom andra Höga Lagars Nåd Kung av Sina andra Riken och Kolonier.


This is the standardized Treaty of Non-Aggression as presented by the Small Commonwealth. I feel it would be in our best interests as a benevolent nation to ratify this as further proof of our nation's desire to cooperate with the community we have established ourselves in.

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Could the Lady Warden or her deputy please provide this congregation with the countries already signatory to this treaty? After all, if we are going to not go aggressive against them, we'd better know who they are!


The members that have signed on so far: Batavië, Gralus, Natopia, and Shireroth.

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Please keep in mind that ANY of the SC nations (current of future) will be welcomed to sign this Treaty as well. This means that it holds the potential to include anyone who is a member. Of course, we always have the option of withdrawing should a nation join whom we have issue with.

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Members of the Althing,


Motion for a vote has been made and seconded. I do hereby declare debate and discussion on this Bill closed. Voting may commence now. All members may vote AYE, NAY, DEFER to signify the Bill be returned to debate or ABSTAIN.


Voting will remain open for four days.

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Lady Law Speaker,


We do hereby inform you that We have granted Our Imperial Assent to the Small Treaty of Non-Aggression (Ratification) Bill and the said Bill has therefore become Law as the Small Treaty of Non-Aggression (Ratification) Act of Year 8.

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