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Petition for a change of name

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Your Most Royal and Imperial Majesty,


Now come I, one Aldin Vanadísarson Isammaður, before your throne, Majesty, acting in my own capacity under the second paragraph of the second chapter of the Storlaw, do request and require, in the name of your Majesty's respect for Law, that my name, Aldin Vanadísarson Isammaður, be changed to Arviður Andelárjunarbróðir úr Vintra-Ansinum.


In humble submission,


A. V. Isammaður aka A. A. úr Vintra-Ansinum.



My new name consists of three parts, consistent with Hurmu tradition. The first name, Arviður, is my new given name. The second name, Andelárjunarbróðir, is the new patronymic, signifying my allegiance to the Brida and to Hurmu as a spiritual brother to Prince Andelarion.


I must tell you, Majesty, of a spiritual awakening for me. I was travelling to Lake Anseth in North Borgarthing on pilgrimage, trying to find peace in my life after the men and tribe of Isam almost conferred with one and another in order to overthrow the government of Hurmu, when I met an old prophet, or messenger of the Lakes, known as a cashmal, near Venaey strait. This cashmal, whose name I have sadly forgotten, took me by the camp many an evening to discuss matters of the Brida with me.


When I was about to go to bed on the last night of the pilgrimage, he told me the words in the ancient tongue of Hurmu, which, as a sudden flashback of long-lost memories, were exactly the words my mother, Vanadís, my grandmother and my great grandfather told me each once. At those times I did not know what the words meant, but they always comforted me, I remembered.


I have to share this with you, Majesty, because it is so peculiar. The cashmal said these words in the same way, same tone and in the same melody as my mother, grandmother and great grandfather did. The words were: Toj boyn kesse, toj nay.


The word “toj” means “we” or “our”. “Boyn” means both “hold” and “love”. “Kesse” is the accusative of “kem”, “you”. “Nay” means child. So the sentence could easily be construed to be “I love you, my child”, or “I hold you, child of mine.”


Then, as I fell asleep, my deceased mother, Vanadís, came to me in my dreams. In my dreams, she uttered the Toj Boyn mantra, as my memories awoke as I dreamt.


Then she spoke in the demotic tongue, Hurmu Norse, and said, “Aihel, toj nay, var Andelárjunar fyljari! Var bróðrin hansara. Þú eri ein andelárjun, varð ein með Ansavatninum, þú sum av vintrinum kóm till jórða o varða h-ein þu vill vara. Arnason, Arnason úr viðun kómin.”


(Greetings my child. Be Andelarion's follower. Be his brother. You are an andelarion, be one with the water of Anseth, you who of winter came to earth and became the one you will be. Eagle-son, eagle-son, out of the forests come)


In the morning of the next day I greeted the cashmal at breakfast and he said to be “Hullo there, Arviður”. Yes, strange indeed. As Arviður means “forest eagle”, and that was what Mother implied in my dream. I told the cashmal of my dream, and he yhen splashed water on my head six times, one for each lake of Hurmu, and told me that I would be “eagle of the forest, Arviður, the brother of Andelarion, Andelárjunarbróðir, and that I was made from out of the wintry waters of Anseth, Úr Vintra-Ansinum.”

Thank you for listening.




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Imperial Decree

To all Our Well-Beloved Royals, Nobles and Knights, and all Our other Well-Beloved Citizens whatsoever to whom these Presents shall come, Greetings:

WHEREAS the Esteemed Gentleman known within the Lands of the Longships Throne as Aldin Vanadísarson Isammaður has petitioned Us for a change of name under the Second Article of the Second Chapter of the First Part of that Law of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire known as Storlaw;

AND WHEREAS We have looked with favour upon the said petition of the said Esteemed Gentleman who is known within Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire as Aldin Vanadísarson Isammaður;

LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that We, Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver, The Eternal Sovereign Viking Emperor, Perpetual Protector of the People of Stormark, Perpetual Defender of the Viking Nation, Eternal Guardian of the Lakes of Hurmu, Paramount Chieftain of the Ancient Tribes of Hurmu, Most Noble Sovereign of the Lands of Stormark, Supreme Lord of the Lands of the Crown of Saint Harald, Supreme Lord of the Lands of the Longships Throne, Sovereign Lord of Kejsarinna Asa Land, Sovereign Lord of Lontinnin, Sovereign Lord of Vinland, Senator of the Lakes, King of Anglethyr, King of Bondegard, King of the Islands of the Ancient Ways, King of Marthunia, King of Merlaide, King of the Mysterious Isles, King of Thydtwinnster, Living Saint of the Most Holy Nidarosian Church, Solver of the Ancient Enigma, Keeper of the Freyja Treasure, Protector of Love and Liberty, Keeper of the Most Sacred Instruments, Lord of the Conquest, Navigation and Commerce of the Imperial Colonies, Hero of the Old Tale, Freyjagothi to the Temple of Love, Imperial Prince of Thule, Imperial Prince of Inis Fer Falga, Prince Imperial of Alexandria, Fils d'Alexandrie, Prince of the Blood, Prince of Antioch, Prince of Arietta, Prince of Lichtenbad, Prince of Malisko, Duke of Frøyalan, Duke of Gascony, Duke of Normandie, Duke of Port Chloe, Marquis of Beaulieu, Marquis Thorstein, Earl of An Chláir, Earl of Carrick, Earl of Fife, Earl of the Trondelag, Count of Cimmeria, Count of La Marche, Count of Poitou, Count of Quercy, Baron of Einmar, Baron of Kai-Raikoth, Baronet of Holmborg, Baronet of Robland, Lord Mayor of Avaldsnes, Lord of the Two Peninsulas, Lord of the Isle St. Jean, Lord of the Longships Islands and Lord of the Isles, do by this Our Imperial Instrument, in the exercise of the powers conferred upon Us by the Second Article of the Second Chapter of the First Part of the Storlaw, decree that:

Eins. The Esteemed Gentleman who is known within the Lands of the Longships Throne as Aldin Vanadísarson Isammaður shall, upon the coming into effect of this Our Imperial Instrument, be known within Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire as Arviður Andelárjunarbróðir úr Vintra-Ansinum.

Tveir. This Our Imperial Instrument shall come into effect immediately.

So be it!!

Given at Our Hall in Haraldsborg, in Our Thanedom of Gulathing, under Our Hand and the Great Seal of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire, on this Day of the Lord Odin, the Fifteenth Day of the Month Glitnir in the Eighth Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire.


Harald Torsten I den Givmilde, genom Vikingalagarnas Nåd Evig och Enväldig Vikingakejsare av Vikingakejsardömet Stormark, och genom andra Höga Lagars Nåd Kung av Sina andra Riken och Kolonier.
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