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Petition for Order in Council

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To the Emperor in the Council of State: A petition concerning the future Thanedom of the Valkyrjaflaturnar.


Your Most Imperial and Most Royal Majesty, Your Excellencies;


When I read the Normandie Land Trade Bill I noticed that Article 8 of that Bill would, when it becomes law, create a Thanedom called the Thanedom of the Valkyrjaflaturnar. Valkyrjaflaturnar means something like "Valkyrie plains". I would like to develop the future Thanedom of the Valkyrjaflaturnar into a Valkyrie themed Thanedom.


Therefore I, Sigrdrífa the Valkyrie, a Citizen of Stormark, do hereby request, under Article 2b of the Law on Administrative Subdivisions, that an Order in Council appointing me Thane of the Valkyrjaflaturnar be issued.





Sigrdrífa the Valkyrie.

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