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Lady Aoife visits the Vicereine

Aoife the Celt

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*Lady Anne-Marie welcomes Lady Aoife on the steps of Skadi Palace, the official Vicereine's residence. She kisses Lady Aoife on each cheek before curtseying, showing deference to Lady Aoife's position as Crown Princess of Stormark*


My dear, it's so wonderful to see you here in Sula Sgeir. Now come inside!


*Lady Anne-Marie leads Lady Aoife into the Palace. They settle in the morning room, a luxurious parlour decorated in pale blue and gold leaf. Portraits of former Emperors and Empresses guard the walls*


Do take a seat! It's so lovely to have you here.


*A footman walks in carrying a silver tray with cups and saucers, a silver teapot and cream jug. Another brings a petit-four stand stacked with tiny sandwiches and cakes*


Do help yourself. I'm afraid we're all rather busy here what with the festival and all. Though I am looking forward to it, I see it as the start of a new social season for us all here in the colony, as well as boosting the profile of the land as well. I hope your journey was a pleasant one?

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Oh yes, Lady Anne-Marie, I had quite a pleasant voyage aboard the HKMS Deirdre, the former Royal Yacht of Celtica, Dun Gail Dara and Yr Ymerodreath Ynysoedd yr Haul. When I was Queen of the aforementioned Autonomous Country the said former Royal Yacht used to be called the HMSMS Deirdre. In my humble opinion no other way of travelling can beat travelling by sea in one's own yacht.


How are the preparations for the Kejsarinna Asa Land Festival going?

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