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Asa Cruises

Anne-Marie Dagmarsdottir

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With the recent gift of HKMS Chloe from His Imperial Majesty The Emperor, the Vicereine of Kejsarinna Asa Land has decided that the Yacht should be put to use when it is not being used for official engagements or travel. Therefore, the Yacht will serve as the main vessel of 'Asa Cruises', a new tourist company based in Sula Sgeir. The company will offer cruises of Stormark, the first being avaliable in the very near future.


The first cruise offered is the "Jewels of Stormark" cruise. The itinery for the cruise is as follows;


The ship will be docked at Thorfinnsborg in The Heartland. On the first night, guests can expect a champagne dinner with the Captain and a classical concert.


The following day, the ship will travel to Haraldsborg, The Heartland. Guests may go ashore and explore.


After two days sailing, there will be stops at Folkvanger and Asaborg, Freyja's Necklace. The ship will be docked here for three days allowing guests to truly enjoy the delights of this amazing area.


Västerålen is the next port of call with guided tours of Ytre Kjerringvik and Kvaefjord, with an optional evening gala dinner held in Runavik, Västerålen.


Fensalir, Frigga Island follows two days later before the Yacht makes it's way to Port Chloe.


The final port will be Vaeøroy, Kejsarinna Asa Land. A ferry will transport guests to the mainland of the colony where there will be an afternoon's garden party at Skadi Palace to end the cruise.


This is sure to be a glittering and beautiful voyage and it is hoped that as many people as possible will take advantage of this very special cruise.




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