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The Kejsarinna Asa Land Festival

Anne-Marie Dagmarsdottir

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Friday Evening


There will be a welcoming reception for guests of the Vicereine at Skadi Palace. Guests will enjoy a black-tie champagne reception hosted by the Vicereine with musical entertainment provided by a string quartet. The evening will end with the official opening of the Festival by His Majesty The Emperor who will light a beacon and launch a fireworks display in the capital Sula Sgeir.


Saturday Morning


There will be a carriage procession bringing guests from Skadi Palace to the Parade ground in Sula Sgeir. When the guests are seated, there will be a Parade formed of military bands and service personnel, dance groups, floats with a nautical theme and various representatives from local services and trades. The Emperor and The Vicereine will address the crowds.


Saturday Afternoon


A statue of Empress Asa the Beloved will be unveiled by the Emperor in the forecourt of Skadi Palace.


Saturday Evening


There will be a white-tie banquet held in Skadi Palace.


Sunday Afternoon


There will be a public concert before the official closing of the Festival, held in the renamed Emperor Harald Park.

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