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Recital of the Laws of Stormark

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* The Law Speaker of the Althing, Lady Aoife the Celt, is walking up the Law Rock to deliver the annual Foundation Day Recital of the Laws of Stormark as required by Article 2 of the Law Rock Address Statute. She is holding a little girl of noble birth called Lady Ljúfvina Geirdiarfrsdottir by the hand. Lady Aoife was so impressed by Lady Ljúfvina's performance during the State Visit from Batavia, where the little noble lady had welcomed King Arkadius and Queen Charlotte in their own language, Dutch, and given the Batavian Queen a bunch of flowers, that she selected Lady Ljúfvina's to play a part in the Recital of the Laws of Stormark.


Lady Aoife is dressed in her magnificent Law Speaker's Ceremonial Garb. She is also wearing the Insignia of the Grand and Glorious Imperial Order of the Two Silver Longships, an ancient Celtic Circlet, diamond earrings, and a copy of the Brísingamen. Lady Ljúfvina Geirdiarfrsdottir is dressed in the Eidskog Upphlutur costume, the traditional women's costume of the Traditional District of Eidskog, the traditional district in the Thanedom of Eidsivathing where she is hailing from. The little noble lady is also carrying a precious parchment scroll with the Titles of the Laws of the Lands of the Longships Throne.


Having arrived at the top of the Law Rock, Lady Aoife and Lady Ljúfvina smile and wave to the huge crowd that has gathered at the foot of the Law Rock. The crowd bursts into cheers when they see the Lady Law Speaker of the Althing and the little noble lady. She then gives Lady Aoife the parchment scroll with the Titles of the Laws of the Lands of Crown of Saint Harald.


The little noble lady then makes a couple of ancient traditional gestures to signal that the Recital of the Laws of the Lands of the Longships Throne is to commence and the crowd immediately falls silent. Lady Ljúfvina then starts to speak. *


"Stormarkers, welcome to the Law Rock! Our ancient ancestors spoke of one thing when they built their societies: 'Med lögum skall land byggja'. That is, 'With law shall land be built.' In that spirit, the Lady Law Speaker shall now recite, in accordance with Article 2 of the Law Rock Address Statute, the Titles of the Laws of the Lands of the Longships Throne."


* Lady Aoife then commences to speak. *


"This scroll reads each of the laws that apply to us and Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire:


Inner Sea and the Outer Islands Act of Year 8


Economy Act of Year 8


Treaty of Tintagel (Ratification) Act of Year 8


Act on Police Activities of Year 8


Convention of Huyenkula (Ratification) Act of Year 8


Glorious Brotherhood Treaty (Ratification) Act of Year 7


Yr Ymerodreath Ynysoedd yr Haul Act of Year 7


Foreign Legations Act of Year 7


This is Our Land Act of Year 7


Freyja's Necklace Act of Year 7


Law of Woodstanic Sucession Act of Year 7


Imperial Military (Althingi Consent) Act of Year 7


Law of the Weal


Capital Act of Year 7


Law on Administrative Subdivisions


Law of Ettlingar Freyu


Legal Clarification Act of Year 7


Asgard Calendar Act of Year 6


Guardianship of Children Act of 2007


Västerålen Act of 2006


The Gungnirbók


The Vaan Aujoen Act of 2006


The Census Act of 2006


The Separation of Church and State Act of 2006


The Fimmtardómur Hurmu Jurisdiction Act of 2006


The Atkins Reduction Act of 2006


The Protection of the Commonweal Act of 2006


The Mjollnirbók


The Kognungsbók


The Imperial Bar Association Act of 2006


The Fimmtardómur Act of 2006


The Stavarholsbók


The Storlaw


The Private Forums Act of 2005


The Venerable Terrestrials Act of 2005


The Final Treaty with Cranda Act of 2005


The Marriage Act of 2005


The Social Security Act of 2005


The MediStorm Act of 2005


The Separation of Powers Act of 2005


The Remembrance Day Act of 2005


The Wills Act of 2005


The Special Althingi Sessions Act of 2005


The Treaty of the Isles Act of 2005


The Court Confidant Act of 2005


The National Anthem Act of 2005


The Second Legal Age of Majority Act of 2005


The Second Initial Ownership of Land Act of 2005


The Secession Act of 2005


The Instrument of Rights and Liberties


The Abdication Act of 2005


The Emperor's Code


The Viking Law


The Althing Statute


The Law Rock Address Statute


The Imperial Hall Time Statute


These are the laws that apply to us and Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire. These are in force. Let us all abide them, for we have together formed them."


Lady Ljúfvina then speaks again.


"Now, my friends, go and be happy. Celebrate the greatness of what we have done together in this Viking Nation of Ours, in Our Stormark. Let us rejoice!


A Happy Foundation Day I wish you all. A Happy Foundation Day I wish our land, Stormark!"


* Everybody down below at the foot of Law Rock burst into cheers. A huge party starts. Lady Aoife tells Lady Ljúfvina that she has done very well and that she is very proud of her. They then walk down the Law Rock to join the partying crowd. *

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