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Imperial Chancellor's Address to the Empire

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Your Most Imperial Highness, Fellow Countrymen


It is a great honour for me to be here on this Lindisfarne day. After my election earlier this year, this is my first formal address to the nation. Many things have changed in this noble Empire but we are still going strong!


We had to say goodbye to a few citizens but we could also welcome some very promising new citizens. The future of the Empire is bright. The upcoming marriage of our beloved Emperor and Lady Sigrid Magnusdottir 'The Brave' will strengthen the House of Ettlingar Freyu.


The Ríksrad was reformed. The intended boost of participation in the management of our Nation failed to occur. There will be need for further reformation. Democracy requires more involvement of all citizens. Democracy is not a given thing, it is a duty! It requires our continuous attention and care, only then can we get a healthy and strong democracy where the people make the decisions.


There is little public information on international affairs. Some of have access to information of this nature and it would be interesting to share it. Some information will have to be gathered by volunteers. Knowledge is power!


Let's enjoy this Lindisfarne day, and to quote Sir Dagfinn:


Rock on Stormark!


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