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His Most Imperial Majesty's Address to the Empire

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Well-Beloved Citizens and Friends,


I meet you upon the joyeus occasion of Transformation Day with the feelings which are naturally inspired by a strong impression of the prosperous situation of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire under the guidance of a spirit no less prudent than patriotic, issue in measures conducive to the stability and increase of National prosperity.


Numerous as are the providential blessings which demand our grateful acknowledgments, the abundance with which another year has again rewarded the industry of the Citizens of Stormark is too important to escape recollection.


Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire still continues in a period of unbounded prosperity. This prosperity is not the creature of law, but undoubtedly the laws of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire have been instrumental in creating the conditions which made it possible, and by unwise legislation it would be easy enough to destroy it. There will undoubtedly be periods of depression. The wave will recede; but the tide will advance.


As a people we have played a large part on Micras, and we are bent upon making our future even larger than the past. In particular, the events of the last four years have definitely decided that, for woe or for weal, our place must be great among the micronations. We may either fall greatly or succeed greatly; but we can not avoid the endeavor from which either great failure or great success must come. Even if we would, we cannot play a small part. If we should try, all that would follow would be that we should play a large part ignobly and shamefully.


But the People of Stormark, the sons and daughters of brave Viking warriors, the sons and daughters of fighters who had iron in their blood, rejoice in the present and face the future high of heart and resolute of will. Ours is not the creed of the weakling and the coward; ours is the gospel of hope and of triumphant endeavor.


No country has ever occupied a higher plane of well-being than Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire at the present moment. This well-being is due to no sudden or accidental causes, but to the play of the forces advancement in this Viking Nation for over the years; to the Laws of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire, Our sustained and continuous policies; above all, to the high individual average of the Citizens of Stormark.


Hail Stormark!! Vikings rule the waves!!


Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver,

The Eternal Sovereign Viking Emperor.

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