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Rejoicing the Emperor Day Fest

Aoife the Celt

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"Late again.."I shook my head a bit.


I feld deeply honoured by this invitation and was given a seat near the Queen and Princes of Dún Gail Dara.

I prematurely listened and enjoyed the food ommiting the meat..


After 1 Milion years I still had to get used to these Humans.., ore where it two already..

I was the last of my cread or the first..

Never mind.. I tought, the gods simply do as they pleace.


I Rose and turned to the Emperor..

"Skoll you're Empirial majesty..

They say that people who drink a lot don't grow verry old..this stames against logic for one has to become verry old in order to be able to drink a whole lot..

I have drunken quite a bit in my life ,for wich I hope I will be forgiven in due time, no wonder...with the 3 bilion or so years behinde me.

I alway's wondered about the fact that my thirst over all those years never dimminished..


You're majesty, there is beauty in age ,the older the more beautifull one gets, so let us get ultra beautifull! " cheers2.gif



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"Thank you you're highness, yes I do..I am trying to remember all those names and who fit's to who people here are verry joyouce I like that.


This is a verry lively land where people have learned to respect each other I must say that this goes for all the nations on Baldur.

I think if we all keep developing in this direction Baldur will be the most peacefull world human's have ever collonaised.


I talk to much and way to seriouce..lets party! " yesyes.gifparty.gifcheers2.gif

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"Thank you for you're prudence you're Empirial highness.

For those whom it concurnes : My last words where the wisest..,otherwise I might start boring you with my creation story.. biggrin.gif

Lady Conchita,


I would love to hear your creation story! yesyes.gif

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I knew this story all to well as a Såeominian Priestess it had been told to me and it wasn't one for over zeoluse religiouce people.

But it was my job to council and so I did.


"You're Highneses..this story, I have been tought it during ny time as Priestess is rather shocking for those with fervent Religiouce thoughts and feelings as to the creation of man, here on Baldur.

Many things tought to us are regarded by us as Myths but non the less often seen as true and thus believed so.


We must be forgiving and regard her age she might have forgotten that this story should only be revealed to priests wich both of you're higneses are but many here not."


I bended over to the Emperor so only he and the queen could hear my councel...


"If you and the queen want to know...ask her to come sit between you so the others won't hear..

We don't want a religiouce rowe at our hands..and that could be the case!."


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