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Address to the Empire

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Greetings, my fellow citizens and proud Stormarkers. It is truly an honor to stand before you all on this most joyous of days, the birthday of our most magnificent ruler, His Imperial Majesty, Harald Thorstein I.


Today, we mark not only the day in which our beloved emperor was allowed upon this earth, but rather, that the Viking Empire of Stormark has prospered for another year in strength, harmony, and happiness.


This year has marked perhaps the greatest strengthening of our great Viking nation since its inception. Under the clear and remarkable guardianship of our Emperor, we have seen the solidification of the House of Ettlingar Freyu, providing our Empire with an Imperial dynasty which shall see us through the next Viking Age.


We have seen the gracious open-mindedness of His Majesty in the cohesion of the various autonomous lands which populate our Empire. I, myself, witnessed the fair and frank way in which my sovereign land, Treisenberg, was allowed an even greater opportunity to flourish under the protection and safekeeping of the Viking nation. Rest assured there is not a cottage in any Stormarkian land which does not bear a likeness of our beloved Harald, and the Viking standard. Further, we have seen the consolidation of the lands and borders of the land in Micras, providing ever more guarantee that Stormark shall stand strong and grand in the years to come.


Even more importantly, for the first time, we have seen the codification of our citizenship laws, finally defining this nation not simply as a place to dwell, but as a nation deserving of the greatest minds and character which micronationalism can allow. Our Emperor, in approving this legislation, has provided that no wall shall ever be too high, no barrier too deep to prevent men and women of any race, any creed, any color, any orientation, any disability from enjoying the proud title of “Citizen of Stormark.”


In the area of defense, His Majesty courageously set about in establishing the beginnings of a new military for the protection and safety of our lands. Showing his grit and wisdom, he appointed and promoted officers of great character to lead these new forces, and has even allowed his autonomous domains to begin the creation of forces which may prove to the world that if any man wishes to threaten our borders, or deprive any human being of their rights and liberties, that the berserkers of Harald Thorstein shall crash upon them, and forever imprint the name of “Stormark” in their memories.


And I could go on, and on, and on. Yet, in all of these grand accomplishments, we seen one clear thread: the intelligence, the caring, the strength of character and mind of one man, one sovereign who has shown himself to be numbered among the greatest of our time. In his order in councils, in his decrees, in his dutiful participation in the Althing, our Emperor has provided us with clear boundaries of freedom and independence in government, an attention to detail which allows Stormark to run so smoothly, and an example of what a true enlightened monarch should be.


But, to me, and to all of us, he bears an even greater title than simply “the Generous Giver.” He possesses a title which is greater than that of Shah, or Emperor, or King of Kings: friend. Our Emperor has time and again made us smile, provoked thought, provided a constant source of intelligent conversation, and willingness to never let us forget our duties. Most of all, he has given his entire being to each and every one of us. Not only am I proud to call His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Harald Thorstein I my emperor, I am proud, I am honored to call him my friend.


Let us cheer and celebrate our most gracious and magnificent ruler. And may he live and reign for many years to come. Happy Birthday, Your Majesty.


Long Live the Emperor! Long Live the Viking Nation! And Long Live the Viking Empire of Stormark!


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