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Welcome to the Hurmu High Commission!


The purpose of the Commission is to represent Hurmu in Stormark and to answer queries from the authorities and citizens of Stormark regarding Hurmu. Hopefully the establishment of the Commission will lead to a greater insight for the Stormarkers in Hurmu, a greater interest in Hurmu affairs, and closer relations between Hurmu and Stormark.


Should Hurmu be involved in a lawsuit in Stormark, either as a petitioner or as a respondent, then the Commission will, unless the Senate dictates otherwise, represent or commission representation on Hurmu's behalf under the name of "Hurmu".


The Hurmu High Commission also exists to support Hurmu residents and senators while they are in Stormark, to cater for their needs and advise them of their rights, obligations and freedoms in Stormark. For example, did you know that Hurmu senators have a right to sit and vote in the Althing? That is an exclusive right and with that comes a great responsibility but also an honour. We're here to help Hurmu senators and guide them through the jungle of Stormark laws, traditions and practices.

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