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The Imperial Summer Ball

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As I mentioned before, I prefer full bottles to empty ones.


As a rule I only drink affordable wines. The great Pommerols or Barolo's are out of the question.


I like the red wines from the Côtes du Rhône area (near to Avignon) : Gigondas, Vaqueras, Château neuf du Pape .... You can find very fine wines for less than € 10,- (suitable for festive dinner)


Completely different: a pinot nero from the province of Pavia in Italy. Very nice wine, fair price. Same grapes as the Burgundy wines but these are very expensive (or not worth while).


White wines: Pinot blanc, pinot gris, muscat from Alsace, good alternatives from Australia or South Africa


And then there are so many wines from all over the world .... You won't know until you tried ...





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