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Imperial Chancellor's Address to the Empire

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Your Most Imperial Majesties, Your Most Imperial Highness, Fellow Countrymen


When we assemble together here around the Law Rock today on the most joyous occasion of Lindisfarne Day to consider the state of our beloved country, our just attentions are first drawn to those pleasing circumstances which mark the goodness of the Lady Freyja from whose favour they flow and the large measure of thankfulness we owe for Her bounty. Another year has come around, and finds us still blessed with peace and friendship abroad; law, order, and religion at home; good affection and harmony with our neighbours; and the produce of the year great beyond example. These are the circumstances under which we meet, and we remark with special satisfaction those which under the smiles of Providence result from the skill, industry, and order of the Citizens of this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire.


As one of the grand community of nations, our attention is irresistibly drawn to the important scenes which surround us. If they have exhibited an uncommon portion of calamity, it is the province of humanity to deplore and of wisdom to avoid the causes which may have produced it. If, turning our eyes homeward, we find reason to rejoice at the prospect which presents itself; if we perceive the interior of our country prosperous, free, and happy; if all enjoy in safety, under the protection of laws of this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire, the fruits of their own labor, we ought to fortify and cling to those institutions which have been the source of such real felicity and resist with unabating perseverance the progress of those dangerous innovations which may diminish their influence.


Rock on Stormark!

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