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Fellow men and women of Nidaros,


In accordance with the Decree: Folketing, I hereby open the new session of the Folketing, the first session of my reign. It gives me great pleasure to do so and to invite the following members to sit with me at the Round Table in the Palace of Volsdame:


Astrid of Valois


Bjarngeir Thorkellson von Gustav

Prince of Nidaros-Volsdame


Magnus Camillus II

Pope of the Church of Nidaros


Men and women of Nidaros,


There are a few items at hand. First it is the repeal of the Autononous Countries' Code and the replacement of it. That would lead to a constitutional amendment. However, I would like to amend the Constitution further, to give it more legitimate view on the King, the Folketing and the general structure of the Realm, and to address those issues that you may raise.


I hope to achieve consensus on the process of amending the Constitution. That would mean that we would have to make compromises (I am willing to do so, I hope you are too). But if that's not possible, we will have to resort to a division (that is, voting) of the table.


Fellow members of the Folketing,


I ask for your views on this and on all other areas of concern that you may have.


Thank you.

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So far your views on the politics of this nation is really fair. You have had situations that you should have been annoyed by or ignored to let it go away. But you haven't you want your peoples say in its government and I congratulate you.


God Bless,


-Prince Bjarngeir

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