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Her Most Imperial Majesty's Address to The Empire

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My dearest and well-beloved citizens and friends of Stormark:


I address you today as we celebrate our Transformation Day, with gratitude to the Supreme Being and full appreciation of the steadfastness, patriotism, and devotion of the Stormarkian people.


Over the years, our country has been through several and varied incarnations. While we have enjoyed the unwavering friendship of nations like Alexandria and the once proud Gotzborg, we've also seen our trust betrayed by others whom we felt we knew just as well. We have also seen the highs of world leadership coupled with the lows of international warfare. Our hopes have been dashed at times, yet progress has always steadily moved onward.


To all those who have wished well for us, and who have stood with us - our emergence from such trials is deeply appreciated and celebrated. We have come through those low points stronger, more united, more focused, and more committed to the goals of peace, stability, security, and growth of our homeland. I am also proud to note that despite our many challenges, the grace and devotion of our Viking Empire has remained strong. As a family, we have dedicated ourselves to the unity and progress of Stormark. Our most sacred desire to build a nation where no one is oppressed and where opportunities abound for our people has remained as strong as ever.


As a family, we are dedicated to reform in order to make our present better than our past - not only for ourselves, but for those who will come after us and take up the blue, black and white flag which so clearly represents our great nation's hope and pride.


The Supreme Being has given us this chance to come together, plan together, work together, and make progress together. Stormark is so unique in that we not only claim to be a community, we ARE a community in the purest sense of the word. I love each Stormarker as if you were my own brothers and sisters, sitting in my home with me as we celebrate a national holiday with some fantastic mead and maybe a nice helping of smoked saithe! We should not fail one another in neglecting our chances at true fellowship. Negative attitudes, bitterness, and prejudices are not the way of our people, nor should such ways be allowed to creep into our collective consciousness.


Stormark is forever my home. While I may have served in other nations in other capacities, Stormark is the one place I can count on being where I am safe from harm. Nobody would be permitted to attack me here - harsh words and disgusting behavior toward me by anyone would likely be met by the rants and axes of a dozen pissed off Vikings. Many of you are aware of the treatment I have been getting in recent days from several different directions at once. I announced my intention to leave all nations and avoid further injury to myself and my heart. I have fulfilled that promise in all areas but one, here in Stormark. After speaking with Harald - and being PMed only about a hundred times by concerned people here who wish me to remain (and yes, I am exaggerating a bit), I have decided to remain in Stormark at the expense of every other nation. I will not venture beyond our borders for any purpose, and will keep to the company of my people - the people whom I am one-hundred percent certain will see to my safety and well being.


Now - let us all celebrate Transformation Day! Our glorious Viking Empire continues to be a beacon of light in a world shadowed by liars, pomposity, and egomaniacs. Thank the Supreme Being that idiots like that aren't running rampant in Stormark!


May the Supreme Being continue to bless and watch over our proud nation. Thank you for allowing me to speak today.

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