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Imperial Proclamation

To all Our Well-Beloved Royals, Nobles and Knights, and all Our other Well-Beloved Citizens whatsoever to whom these Presents shall come, Greetings:

WHEREAS We have negociated the Treaty of YaQri with Hurmu and the Kingdom of Babkha concerning the protectorate of Hurmu;

AND WHEREAS the said Treaty of YaQri needs, to enter into force in Hurmu, to be ratified by the Senate of Hurmu as well as the Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defence of the said Senate of Hurmu;

AND WHEREAS Article 4 of the Constitution of Hurmu grants Us the Power to appoint a Senator of Hurmu to the said Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defence;

AND WHEREAS it is meet that a Senator of Hurmu ought to be appointed by Us to the said Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defence to ensure that the said Treaty of YaQri is ratified;

LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that We, Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver, The Eternal Sovereign Viking Emperor, Imperial Prince of Thule, Imperial Prince of Inis Fer Falga, Prince of Antioch, Prince of Arietta, Prince of Lichtenbad, Prince of Malisko, Duke of Brittany, Duke of Gascony, Duke of Normandie, Duke of the Vaan Aujoen, Marquis of Beaulieu, Marquis Thorstein, Earl of An Chláir, Earl of Carrick, Earl of Fife, Earl of the Trondelag, Count of La Marche, Count of Poitou, Count of Quercy, Count of Wintergleam, Baron of Einmar, Baronet of Holmborg, Lord of Isle St. Jean and Lord of the Isles, do by this Our Imperial Instrument appoint Our Entirely Beloved Royal Cousin Queen Aoife of Hurmu to the office and position of Member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defence
and that She shall assume the self-same office effective immediately.

BE IT ALSO KNOWN that We do by this Our Imperial Instrument declare that She shall be entitled to all the rights, privileges, powers and prerogatives to the said office of Member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defence attached provided that nothing is done contrary to Our Imperial Will and the Constitution and Laws of Hurmu and also that We do further by this Our Imperial Instrument command that She shall retain the post of Member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defence until Our further pleasure is signified.

So be it!!

Given at Our Hall in Haraldsborg, in Our Thanedom of Gulathing, under Our Hand and the Great Seal of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire on the Third Day of the Month Glitnir in the Sixth Year of the Second Viking Age.

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Harald Torsten I den Givmilde, genom Vikingalagarnas Nåd Evig och Enväldig Vikingakejsare av Vikingakejsardömet Stormark, och genom andra Höga Lagars Nåd Kung av Sina andra Riken och Kolonier.
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